Arizona Health-e Connection
is now Health Current.

Powering the future of healthcare
with more complete information.

Where We’ve Been

More complete information leads to better care and better outcomes. That’s why we’ve worked for more than ten years to become Arizona’s primary resource for information technology and exchange.

Figure 1: Participant Growth

As we’ve grown, our core goal has remained the same: help providers use information technology to improve peoples’ lives.

We have:

  • – built a powerful technology platform
  • – created relationships with more than 300+ participants
  • – captured clinical data of 7 million patients
  • – integrated physical & behavioral health information statewide; and
  • – initiated interstate connectivity.

A history of positive results.


Where We’re Going

Our new name reflects what we have become: a partner that gives providers the information they need to make better clinical decisions and keep people healthy. More complete information is more meaningful. It makes healthcare transformation possible. And Health Current is central to this progress, integrating information technology and care delivery to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


  • – acquire more complete information, adding broad value to the community of participants;
  • – partner directly with participants to create solutions that make information more meaningful;
  • – work constantly to improve the quality of information; and
  • – innovate to develop new value-added services.

Creating value for the entire care continuum.

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Who We Are

Health Current was built on strong relationships, support and trust. This foundation has allowed us to bring together communities and information across Arizona.

Health Current Team

As the community data trustee, we:

  • – apply technology to solve problems:
  • – focus on a core asset: information; and
  • – enable better care and coordination.

Experts focused on client needs.

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